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MUSSINI®, Finest artists' resin-oil-colours

MUSSINI® -  finest artists' resin-oil-colours from Schmincke, are unique artists' colours produced by means of a particularly sophisticated manufacturing process to meet the very highest requirements. It goes without saying that they contain only the best traditional artists' pigments together with several outstanding newly developed artists' pigments, each in the highest possible concentrations and in pure form.
This results in artists' colours of the utmost brilliance and purity, which also mix more readily than premixed colour tones based on a limited selection of pigments. Schmincke employs more than 250 different artists' pigments, almost 100 of which are contained in the MUSSINI® range.

The old masters of past centuries had to make do with a very limited range of good pigments. They would have been delighted at some of the many new artists' pigments which have now been developed, such as bismuth vanadate, spinel pigments, rutile pigments, diketo pyrrolo-pyrrole and perylene. They add particularly lightfast nuances to the professional spectrum available to today's artists.
Thanks to the particularly extensive range of glaze pigments, their fine processing and the specially adapted formulations, MUSSINI® provides for fine glaze colouring with outstanding brilliance, luminosity and light depth.

MUSSINI® - unique throughout the world!

The uniqueness of these finest professional artists' colours stems in particular from the adoption of the old masters' practice of combining selected artists' oil with natural resin. Masters back in the days of the late Middle Ages were already using indigenous European resins, such as mastic from the Greek island of Chios and copal. Natural resins were also used to enhance colour brilliance and the impression of depth in Byzantine art during the first centuries A.D. Throughout the long history of the development of oil colouring techniques a large number of very special binder formulations have been tested, and this fund of knowledge has been applied in evolving the MUSSINI® range.
On the basis of many years of scientific experience in the field of artists' colours, Schmincke continues to use a broad and diverse scope of artists' oils, which it combines with the most suitable natural dammar resin from Palembang, Indonesia.

The amount of dammar resin which is added in colloidal solution depends on the oil requirements of the pigment concerned. The use of different variants of linseed oil purified by means of highly sophisticated processes also predominates in the MUSSINI® artists' resin-oil-colours.
However, other artists' oils, such as safflower oil, poppy-seed oil and sunflower oil, also possess properties beneficial to colouring applications which - when optimised with the requisite expertise - further enhance the formulations. So-called auxiliary agents and additives are also used, though in minimal and individually dosed amounts. These provide for the consistency and fineness which is required for colouring applications and ensure a harmonious drying process for the oil colours.

Pigment and a linseed oil are simply not sufficient to make a good artists' oil colour. Schmincke's research efforts are always aimed at eliciting the full brilliant potential of the artists' pigments in all their individual variations while at the same time maintaining a harmonious overall range. This offers the artist absolute freedom to combine and mix the artists' colours of his choice. What distinguishes the unique MUSSINI® natural resinoil- colours from the best and finest "pure" (resin-free) artists' colours, such as NORMA® Professional or other comparable fine artists' oil colours?

MUSSINI® dries more evenly from inside, too, as a result of the largely self-compensating chemical and physical drying process: The increase in volume
resulting from the chemical drying process which begins on the surface via oxygen uptake is largely compensated by the solvent content in the dammar solution which evaporates from inside.
The microscopic evaporation pores enable oxygen to penetrate more effectively into the inner layers, thus providing for more even drying of the surface and inner layers. This, in turn, reduces the danger of wrinkling and surface tension during the drying process.
The dammar fractions which are finely incorporated in the colloidal solutions are enclosed by the drying artists' oils and enhance the brilliance of the colour layers.

mineral brown

Technical Information

Due to the change of colour standard of pigment PBr33, which we use in our MUSSINI mineral brown (Art.-No. 10 672), the shade mineral brown is from now on slightly more reddish and a little darker than before.