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Finest artists' water-colours, series 14

  • 139 brilliant, intense colours + Oxgall: 100 unchanged tones, 35 new tones, 4 optimized tones in highest quality as always 
  • 112 tones with highest possible lightfastness (4 and 5 stars)  
  • 95 one-pigment-tones for brilliant mixing results 
  • Enlarged colour ranges due to new pigment classes as well as 20 new pigments, e.g. quinacridone, perylene, transparent iron oxides 
  • Enlargement of the AQUA mediums assortment: 3 new mediums for more creative options 

    Well appreciated quality remains: 

  • Pans poured 4 times in liquid state for highest yield 
  • Especially selected Gum Arabic as binding medium 
  • Fully reusable paint when dried on a palette 
  • High control of paint flow, even on soft watercolour papers 
  • Quality assortment "Made in Germany" 
  • Same colour recipes for pans and tubes 
  • 139 colours in full and half pans as well as in 5 ml- and 15 ml-tubes 

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AKADEMIE®  Aquarell

Fine artists' water-colours,
series 16

  • A complete beginners' assortment of 24 brilliant colours
  • Best artists' pigments in high concentration
  • 15 single pigment colours
  • No cadmium pigments
  • Dried colour can be rewetted for further use
  • Good control of paint flow
  • Available in following size:
    24 colours in half pans ( 1,6 ml)

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