125 years of HORADAM® watercolours

The new 140 assortment

In the Jubilee Year 2017, Schmincke enlarged and optimized the HORADAM® watercolours to the 140 assortment. With this enlargement Schmincke successfully fills the harmonic colour spectrum of the Horadam® premium assortment. 100 well-tried and traditional colours as well as Oxgall already fit to the highest quality standards, so that there was no need for a change.

After some years of research by the Schmincke lab, 35 new colours (among these 32 one-pigment-tones) have been added to the premium assortment. The increased use of highly lightfast pigments, such as Quinacridone or Perylene, offers completely new possibilities for the artist. 4 colours have been optimized using the newest and best raw materials.

What's remaining? The unique quality components of Horadam® watercolours: The selected Gum Arabic, the complex pouring of the colours for 4 times in liquid state and the sustainable production process of the precious watercolours in pans and tubes - always following the founders' motto "Meliora cogito - I strive for the best". Also in the future, the worldwide approved Horadam® watercolours will stand for unsurpassed quality "Made in Germany".




In the Jubilee Year 2017, Schmincke enlarges and optimizes - after some years of research by the Schmincke lab - the HORADAM® watercolours to the premium 140 assortment.

In this regard the Dot Cards for trying out the colours have been developed.


What is a dot card?

These cards in different sizes contain genuine HORADAM® watercolour-dots on watercolour paper: The Dot Card with 6 dots (several variations) replaces the former HORADAM® sample. The Dot Card 140 colours are always available at a low price to get accustomed to the reduced and the complete assortment and to help to select one's favourite colours out of the 140 assortment.

How to use the Dot Cards?

The Dot cards contain original HORADAM® watercolor dots. With a wet brush the colours can be painted directly in the fields marked with name and number so that the artist experiences the variety of each colour. After drying the Dot Card suits as own original colour chart as well as decision guidance when choosing and buying colours.



Special colours

We would like to present you some new special HORADAM® watercolours:

The 35 new HORADAM® watercolours

The complete assortment is available in half and large pans and also in 5 ml and 15 ml tubes.

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What´s different in the new HORADAM® assortment?

The three new AQUA mediums

Watercolour Ground, transparent (50704)

The transparent primer allows water-colour painting on grease-free surfaces such as canvas, painting boards, wood as well as on acrylic paintings in which the surface remains visible - in comparison to the existing white water-colour ground, fine - and provides for especially creative options. The water-colour ground, transparent forms an even, matt, elastic and age resistant film. Can be overpainted (or tinted beforehand) with water-colours, gouache or acrylic colors.

In 250 ml and 500 ml bottles

AQUA Granulation Spray (50737)

This pumpspray creates effects similar to granulation effects in water-colours with an even paint flow. Spray with the fine atomizer into the still wet water-colour areas to be treated. The pigments so will mass punctually. As only a few of the HORADAM® watercolours are originally granulating (marked with a "G" in the colour chart), this medium helps to create a granulation effect for all colours. For already granulating colours the effect will be intensified. Due to the fine atomizer also small areas within a painting can be treated.

In 15 ml atomizer.

AQUA Lift-off Medium (50708)

This medium suits for the preparation of watercolour paper so that already dried colour can be removed afterwards and a watercolour painting can be modified or corrected - quasi a non-staining medium. Especially useful for staining watercolours, which are hard to remove, marked with the triangle symbol. The medium has to be applied before the colour application, as it isolates the paper. Using very soft, textured paper types the medium has to be applied purely, for stronger sized papers the medium should be thinned with water. Pretests are recommended. As the Lift-off Medium dries up to a water-insoluble film, it may never be put into the pans. Please clean tools as soon as possible with water or water and soap.

In 60 ml bottle


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