Pastels by Schmincke in "The Great Book of Manufactures"

Especially with the handmade production of the 400 finest, extra-soft pastels, H. Schmincke & Co. as a traditional manufacturer of finest artist's colours, still has a manufactory.

The extraordinary recipe, which guarantees a unique strong colour application, requires an equally unique manufacturing process. A machine production of the pastels is not possible due to the particularly fine recipes - the precious pastels could break.

With this elaborate manufacturing process, H. Schmincke & Co. was included in "Das große Buch der Manufakturen" (The Great Book of Manufacturers), published in January 2020 by Callwey Verlag.



From the contents: "The great book of the manufacturers introduces into the wonderful world of handmade products, which are equally committed to sustainability and quality, the sense of beauty and tradition and innovation. It is the most comprehensive reference book of the best manufacturers in the German/Austrian/Suisse region. Curated and selected by Olaf Salié in cooperation with the ZEIT, the nearly 300 manufactorers from the furniture, tableware, personal care, stationery, textiles and many other business areas were presented in this book.