our committment to people and environment

For over 130 years Schmincke, a medium-size family business now in its fourth generation, has been producing high-quality artists’ colours exclusively made in Germany. Our focus has always been set on longevity and sustainability and not only on economic success, but also on environmental and social aspects.

Based on our philosophy “Meliora Cogito – I strive for the best”, we are constantly optimising the quality of our products and the production processes.

The focus is above all on:

  • excellent product performance,
  • the long product life of our artists’ colours for long-lasting works of art,
  • the safe use of the materials and
  • minimal environmental impact from their manufacture and use.


A few specific examples:

  • We purchase the required raw materials for the manufacture of artists’ colours, such as pigments and binders, exclusively from carefully selected and reliable producers and suppliers who share our philo- sophy of sustainability
  • Renewable raw materials such as linseed oil, saffl ower oil and sunfl ower oil are preferred.
  • Our laboratory makes every effort to develop formulas without using hazardous materials.
  • If this is not possible for technical reasons, we of course ensure that the products in question are labelled in accordance with current legislation on chemicals to guarantee that they are safe for consumers to use.
  • Production of the fi nest artists’ colours at Schmincke takes place in compliance with the highest stan- dards, particularly with regard to systems engineering, occupational safety and environmental protection.
  • Schmincke has invested in a high-performance photovoltaic system since 2010. Energy produced by this system equals approximately 70% of the company’s total energy reducing CO2 emissions by around 147 tonnes/ year. Furthermore, we are constantly working to improve energy effi ciency.
  • We also made a contribution to the responsible use of our resources with regard to our water consump- tion before lawmakers made this a legal requirement by installing sewage pre-treatment equipment back in the 1980s.

Moreover, we use various technical mechanisms in production to signifi cantly reduce sewage:

  • All Schmincke employees – in production and administration alike – take care to avoid waste. It is a matter of course for us that waste of all kinds is disposed of correctly and, of course, recycled when- ever possible.
  • We are constantly searching for environmental solutions for our outer packaging, which is why most of our containers and cardboard packaging are recyclable or already made from recycled materials. The wood for our durable, high-quality boxes comes entirely from sustainable forestry.
  • Producing our artists’ colours exclusively at a single production site without interim storage represents a huge benefi t for the environment: the fi nished products reach our customers via the shortest route without having to make energy-intensive and environmentally damaging detours. We guarantee safe transport around the world through our cooperation with reliable logistics partners in compliance with all regulations pursuant to transport legislation.
  • Furthermore, we are proud that many of our employees often stay with us for several decades at this traditional family company. The company has a cooperative working environment in which individual employees assume responsibility not only for themselves, but also for their colleagues.
  • A big advantage for our trading partners is the fact that Schmincke offers regular training sessions on how to use all artists’ materials properly, responsibly and safely.
  • We are happy to share our expertise with end users. Our instructors impart interesting information concerning all aspects of painting to make the best possible use of the products at numerous workshops and presentations. On our website,, you will also find details relating to product safety, e.g. in the form of safety data sheets (see under Download/Safety Data Sheets).
  • Should you have any questions regarding Schmincke products and their use, the advisory service of the Schmincke laboratory will be glad to help. You can contact the laboratory by email at: or by telephone on +49 (0)211/2509-476.
  • By the way, as a member company of the German Chemical Industry Association, Schmincke joined the voluntary “responsible care” initiative of the chemical industry from its inception. This initiative has campaigned for taking responsibility in the areas of the environment, safety and health for 20 years.