Kreativ-Blog: Acrylic colours


Hand lettering is the topic in 2017. Handwritten and embellished chalk boards, invitations, or poster – there are so many creative options.

AERO COLOR® Professional standard colours and TOTAL COVER are ideally suited for hand lettering as they are easy to apply with the LINER and – with a little practise – also with a brush.


There are also many...


Hello, my name is Evan Woodruffe, I’m an artist living in New Zealand and exhibiting in the Asia Pacific region. I think of my work as a baroque abstraction, described by writer Lucinda Bennett as being Wet Maps, “living, breathing ecosystems, and visualisations of a new kind of urbanism.


(Source: Bennett, L. (2016). Wet Maps: Evan Woodruffe's...


The German artist and designer Brigitte Waldschmidt, famous for her colourful and at the same time harmonious acrylic and watercolour paintings and her inspiring books, will show you an unusual, uncomplicated and impressive technique, using the fluid acrylic colours of AERO COLOR® Professional. By the way, this technique is used by Brigitte for...


Objects in a shabby and used-look and colours with a mat chalky surface, also known as chalky colours, have been very trendy creative themes for the last months. There are, of course, ready-to-use colours available, but it is easy to produce chalky colours yourself, using your own acrylic colours and gesso.


Urban Sketching is a very trendy art style. Moments of daily life are sketched and painted sometimes immediately, sometimes later, in a sketch book, on paper - whatever. What counts is to spontaneously paint of an ordinary or exceptional scene, sketched and coloured in a relaxed manner. As, for example, "The last phone box in Erkrath", seen and...


Creating objects out of concrete is – for sure – one of the newest creative trends. With vessels or decorative objects you will

find unlimited creative options. To reduce the rough charm of the concrete object and to transform it into “real design” you

can paint over some parts of the concrete surface with acrylic colours or acrylic bronzes. For...