Chromatic circle, painted with AERO COLOR® Professional Candy Colours - by Alexa Dilla

The artist Alexa Dilla (Berlin) shows us step by step a colourful and creative painting of a chromatic circle in an untypical design, painted with the brilliant AERO COLOR® Professional Candy Colours.

You will need:

  • Schmincke AERO COLOR® Professional Candy Colours: Sunflower Yellow (28022), Poppy Red (28030), Sky Blue (28041)
  • Watercolour paper, e.g. Hahnemühle
  • Acrylic round brush, e.g. daVinci
  • Masking Tape, glass of water, palette
  • Compass, pencil
  • Fineliner (black and grey), white gel pen

Step 1:

For the pre-sketch you use a compass or plates to get round,even circles in a good proportion. Mask the gaps between the three ground colours red, yellow and blue with masking tape and mark additional lines with a pencil.

Step 2:

Spread more thinned colours onto the wetted circle so that they can connect each other to a blended colour unit. Add several colour splahes by tapping carefully onto the brush tovivify the design.

Step 3:

Now you add a free painted, fine second circle with the same flowing colours, analog to the first one. Incline the painting carefully and let the fluid colours flow.

Step 4:

Let the colours dry. Finally, you can add several information into the chromatic circle, e.g.:

  • creative colour names: think of your own names, e.g.Thursday blue, Berlin grey,...
  • the real names of the three basic colours, here: Sunflower Yellow (28022), Poppy Red (28030) and Sky Blue (28041), to remember, which colours can be mixed to perfect secondaries (as this is not possible with all colours)
  • maybe some wordplays or motivation phrases - poetryis always a good idea.

These inscriptions you write with different fineliners and a white gel pen. To get a 3D-effect, draw some grey shadows beyond the letters. Your creativity is unlimited!

AERO COLOR® Professional Candy Colours - available in 9 colours or in a Set (81719)


28022 - Sunflower Yellow
28024 - Sunbeam Yellow
28026 - Yellow Gold
28030 - Poppy Red
28033 - Flame Red
28036 - Wine Red
28041 - Sky Blue
28064 - Teak Brown
28072 - Smoke Black