Creative Blog: Gouache colours


The Berlin-based illustrator Sarah Bronder has only recently set up her own business and has been publishing atmospheric paintings and strong characters with her label "". She draws her inspiration from nature, dreams, and her vivid imagination with which she creates fantastic scenes from everyday situations. This is also reflected in the...


Gouache is very versatile medium, which can be used to paint Illustrations, Typography, Print designs etc.. When choosing a composition for a painting, always remember, a painting should tell a story. And all the elements, big or small, play a vital role in bringing it together. The indian artist Niharika Garg chooses a Landcape picture based on...


Gouache colours are often used for didactic purposes, illustrations and underpaintings. Abstract works are rarely seen and therefore we are pleased to look over the shoulder of the artist Anita Hörskens. She introduces us to such a work step by step.


Illustrations with an opaque and velvet mat finish can be perfectly realized using the Schmincke’s Designers´ Gouache. The colours can be applied easily and lead-due to their pureness brilliant mixing results.


"Lettering" is certainly one of the very popular art trends of our time. Calligraphy can be done with different kinds of colour, but with Schmincke Calligraphy Gouache the results become highly intense and professional. Agnete Sabbagh, a lettering artist and real expert from Cologne/ Germany, shows us the effects of the special colours goldpearl...


Schmincke´s Designers´ Gouache perfectly suits for illustrations as well as for paintings. Its full, velvet-mat surface leads to a unique colour impression. The German artist Lars Degenhardt shows us step by step how he works with these opaque colours:


Who wants to create expressive gouache paintings based on photos or pictures from journals, finds various creative options using the Schmincke HORADAM® GOUACHE. These high-pigmented, velvet-mat colours with a natural opacity of the pure artists’ pigments (without being altered by adding white) allow convincing results to beginners as well as to...