Illustration with Schmincke DESIGNERs GOUACHE

Illustrations with an opaque and velvet mat finish can be perfectly realized using the Schmincke’s Designers´ Gouache. The colours can be applied easily and lead-due to their pureness brilliant mixing results.

You will need:

  • Schmincke DESIGNERs GOUACHE Mixing white 25098, Naples yellow light 25201, Bordeaux 25318 and Ivory black 25788
  • 1 sheet of paper, e.g. Hahnemühle Nostalgie or another smooth paper, ca. 190 g/m2
  • hair brushes in different sizes, round and flat, e.g. da Vinci
  • pencil, rubber, ruler, if necessary a pattern
  • Mixing palette, a glass with water, cloth

Step 1:

You draw a thin pre-sketch with the pencil, here an old-timercar. For exact and straight lines we recommend using a ruler. Think about how the different parts of your illustration shall be filled with colours, which colours you will use purely and which you will mix.

Step 2:

Put a little Bordeaux on your palette, wet the brush and take some colour. Apply an even colour layer.

Step 3:

Do the same with pure Ivory black. For the thin lines, you best use a very thin round brush; thus, you will achieve perfect thin lines.

Good to know: Gouache colours dry to a velvet-mat layer. While drying, they become slightly lighter than freshly applied colours.

Step 4:

Now you mix a lighter and a darker grey with Ivory black and Mixing white. Fill the respective parts with these grey shades.

Step 5:

The lights of the old-timer will be painted with a mixture of Naples yellow light and Mixing white and some last grey partswill be painted.

Step 6:

Lighten the Bordeaux with a little Naples yellow light and paint the remaining car shapes.

Step 7:

Finally, when all colours have been dried, you paint last details: the front shield in a lightened yellow, the lamps get some reflexes in pure Naples yellow as well as a structure painted with light grey. The radiator gets thin black lines and after al lthe car gets its faked-up license plate. If necessary, small faults can easily be corrected with the opaque colours.


With the revised DESIGNERs GOUACHE assortment Schmincke offers 48 colours which are highly appreciated particularlyamong designers. All Schmincke gouache series (HORADAM® GOUACHE, AKADEMIE® Gouache and DESIGNERsGOUACHE) can be combined and mixed among each other.



  • 48 colours – optimized, well-balanced assortment
  • Highly opaque, intense and velvet mat
  • A very good lightfastness
  • Smooth and streak-free application, rewettable after drying
  • Application with an airbrush ( from 0.3 mm nozzle) possible
  • Available in 20 ml tubes, black and white also in 120 ml tubes.