Creative Blog: Linoprint


Small, multi-coloured prints with linoprinting colours represent a special attraction of this printing technique. Overlapping colours even turn easy to carve prints into smallworks of art, either as a picture or as a postcard print. The artist Andrea Kasten shows step by step how this works.


With (self-carved) rubber stamps, but also with classic linocuts, beautiful prints can be produced easily with the College Linol. The 5 colours of the set (84001) are also ideal for mixing many other colours.


We would like to present a material collage with prints and papers, drawings and more, made with aqua LINOPRINT and AERO COLOR® Professional colours by the French artist Denise Crolle-Terzaghi, who is an expert in creative mixed media and printing techniques and a great fan of our finest artists’ colours.


Gel-printing is really new and a versatile manner of printing with linoprint or acrylic colours. Besides a gelly plate (ready to buy or selfmade) and the mentioned colours you will need different materials for printing: patterns and stencils, textiles, cardboard and so on. Printing with several colour layers leads to a unique agility and depth and...


A Workshop for easy printing techniques with Susanne Goch.

Did you ever wish to print pictures, postcards or letters with linoprint colours but you were afraid of difficult cutting techniques with hard linoprint plates well known from former school days, including aking cuts in your fingers? Then we now have a simple, non-complicated and...