Creative Blog: Oil colours


After many experiments in portrait painting, a palette has emerged for Thomas Beecht which allows him to create every conceivable skin colours. He uses only 8 colours in his portraits, which creates a greater colour harmony within the painting.

Due to the high pigmentation of MUSSINI® resin-oil colours, the purity of the colours is maintained even...


In this tutorial Elena Romanzin shows us how she painted this small still-life of some of her family keepsakes using MUSSINI® finest artists´ resin-oil-colour. The painting is called "My Cup of Tea". It is an English expression to say that something really belongs to you, because painting became her passion starting her painting studies in 1990.


1881 - 2021: Schmincke celebrates its 140th anniversary in 2021. And its original product - MUSSINI® finest artists' resin oil colours - can also look back on this long success story, too. Since its development in 1881 by the company founders Josef Horadam and Hermann Schmincke, little has changed in the recipe. We got in touch with some oil...


We are happy to introduce Evan Woodruffe, an unusual artist, long-time partner and Schmincke brand ambassador. Evan's great expertise in artist materials and his unique works make him an indispensable partner and friend. In this interview, he tells us how he started to paint with Schmincke colours and what makes him special as an artist:


Landscape painting is still very popular among oil painters. The luminous, intense colour effects of this painting by Werner Maier are an excellent example of an impressionistic oil painting. He works on a ground primed with acrylic colours on which he then works out the motif with oil colours. The artist shows us step by step how he works:


The grisaille painting has a very long painting tradition and has been practised already in medieval panel painting. “Grisaille” means a composition of a painting using only grey colour shades (tonal art work), while the motif appears only through different light and shadow areas. After a grisaille has been finished, it can be overpainted and...


In our blog we like to present a classical oil painting and a classical theme – Venice. The German artist Werner Maier from Munich shows us step by step how he arranges his view on Venice using the finest oil colours Norma® Professional.


Dirk Schmitt, German artist from Cologne and a representative of contemporary realism, tells us, which colours in the MUSSINI® range he appreciates most. For him, it was very difficult to choose between 108 unique and brilliant colours, based on recipes from old masters, as he uses a large spectrum of MUSSINI® in his oil paintings. Nevertheless, he...


Printing techniques in oil can now be realized with all Schmincke oil colours. Therefore you only have to change them into printable colours. This can easily be made with the Print-medium for relief and intaglio developed by Schmincke.