Artist Talk - Interview with the artist Michela Bogoni

1881 - 2021: Schmincke celebrates its 140th anniversary in 2021. And its original product - MUSSINI® finest artists' resin oil colours - can also look back on this long success story, too. Since its development in 1881 by the company founders Josef Horadam and Hermann Schmincke, little has changed in the recipe. We got in touch with some oil painters and asked them about the special properties of our traditional paint.

What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Michela Bogoni, I am a painter in Verona and I give oil portrait courses all over Italy where we use MUSSINI® and where I recommend MUSSINI®.

How long have you been working with MUSSINI®? Do you remember your first tube of MUSSINI®?
I have been working with MUSSINI® for 25 years, my first MUSSINI® was a blue one that I bought by chance in a paintshop in Vicenza.

Do you have a favourite theme? What inspires you?
I am a sketch artist. I love painting faces. I've been doing commissioned portraits for years.

Why are the MUSSINI® colours special?
The MUSSINI® ones are brilliant and intense/concentrated... with little paint you get a great result. I wouldn't live without them.

What are your favourite colours ?
I have a list of my favourite colours that I use for the faces. My favourite colours?... all of them! I mention some like 206,662, 347, 485, 646.

Where can we admire your work?
You can see my works and photos of my courses on the website

Facebook: @Michela Bogoni
Instagram: @bogonimichela