Creative Blog: Pastel


Pastel painting with the Schmincke extra-soft pastels is always a special pleasure as the softness and the enormous palette of 400 colours allow wonderful brilliant results. As I love painting animals, I would like to present a step by step flamingo painting.


Pastel artist Graciela Bombalova, a master of realistic portrait and still life painting, shows and tells us how she works. She chose light and natural pastel shades for her still life, which she skilfully merges with the ochre background: It was long ago when I did my last still life painting. Normally I do portraits that capture all my attention,...


In this step by step instruction the British artist Les Darlow will show you how he builds up a pastel painting which focusses the light in a snowy landscape and how he includes the paper surface into his painting.


Working with Schmincke’s finest extra-soft pastels leads you back to the origin of colour and is a real painting experience rather than simple drawing. Our step-by-step painting “Roses” varies several soft graduations and is an ideal working example. Enjoy!


Portraits are very popular in pastel painting. Today we want to show you a modern pastel portrait by the German artist Lars Degenhardt, better known from his YouTube-channel as "Laovaan". He will show you step by step how he works with the Schmincke pastels to achieve this vivid portrait of a young bluehaired girl: