Creative Blog: Watercolours


Botanical painting has been practiced already in the ancient world but is also today a famous painting style especially amongst watercolour painters. We like to show you step by step a beautiful example of botanical painting – a watercolour rose painted by the German artist Susanne Absolon.


Urban impressions painted with watercolour are as demanding as versatile and thus an always popular theme for watercolour painters. The Swiss artist Wilhelm Fikisz takes us to Venice and shows us step by step how he paints a palazzi scene.


The watercolour artist Marina Abramova has a very special feeling for painting light, as demonstrated in this impressive step by step painting. The architecture of the Frankfurt fair in evening light was her inspiration for this shining watercolour painting during the Creative World fair:


Working on a painting already starts earlier than the real painting process, especially when painting flowers. As they wilt quickly, it can be useful to collect appropriate photos. Sometimes snapshots are sufficient, sometimes you already choose the right perspective and the composition when taking photos. Even flicking through photos can be...


Is it possible to work with watercolours on an acrylic painting? It is! The German artist Gabriele Templin-Kirz shows us in a portrait painting, how to do it. Keeping in mind the following recommendations, you will find lots of creative options besides the usual painting techniques. We will show you step by step how it works:


Like many other artists, Sabine Hilscher has also found her own technique - painting and spatula techniques with watercolours in tubes. Let´s have a look at this colourful and expressive painting.