Palazzi at Canale Grande in Venice with Wilhelm Fikisz and HORADAM® watercolours

Urban impressions painted with watercolour are as demanding as versatile and thus an always popular theme for watercolour painters. The Swiss artist Wilhelm Fikisz takes us to Venice and shows us step by step how he paints a palazzi scene.

You will need:

  • HORADAM® AQUARELL watercolours in Perylenegreen (14784), Neutral tint (14782), Quinacridone goldhue (14217) and Ultramarine violet (14495)
  • Hahnemühle "Leonardo" 600 g/m2, mat
  • White ink, Rohrer & Klinger
  • several watercolour brushes, e.g. da Vinci

My concept of this painting is the following: I wanted to keepthe painting in dark shades to underline the lights which only come from pure white paper.


Step 1:

Firstly, I determine the perspective by painting the buildings already in the later used colours. Thus, you will not have pencil traces in your painting.


Step 2:

After this first arrangement, I now add some details into the composition.


Step 3:

The first bigger colour areas (in Ultramarine violet) arise in the shadow parts of some buildings.


Step 4:

After having finished the arrangement, I start painting loose colour areas. Here, I do not pay special attention to the details; the creative impulse is my inspiration while spreading the colours.


Step 5:

The following drying process is a very important one for this watercolour painting. Then, I carefully add more details into the painting.


Step 6:

To achieve the different colour layers, which make this watercolour painting so special, I prepare it now for theso called "washing". With a "washing brush" I carefully wash out some elements which seem to be too concrete. Afterwards the painting has to dry again.


Step 7:

After drying, I'm looking for some more details which I now can add. I try to underline the main parts of the painting while the border areas will be neglected. They remain undetermined and a little cloudy.


Step 8:

After washing out and adding details for several times, I carefully look at my painting, searching for more details to be washed out or to be added. This is an important, timeconsumingprocess. Finally, the watercolour painting gets its round up, its signature.

This is a colourful variation with a complete different impression due to the use of considerably more "colourful" HORADAM® watercolours.