Promotion 2019

Promotion as of 01.04. - 30.06.2019

MUSSINI® special colours in limited edition

We are pleased to offer four unique MUSSINI® specialties. We are happy that we were able to source these rare pigments. All special colours, based on mineral or semi-precious stones, have been filled - after having ripened for 3 months - into the 15ml tubes.

Please ask you local dealer. As long as stock lasts.

MUSSINI® Special Edition

Shungite Black (10794)

Shungite Black is a deep, sparkling, strong coloured black of highest lightfastness. Its pigment is obtained from real shungite. This makes it an unusual colour due to both the historical age of the shungite pigment and its sparkling appearance. Shungites are black stones that were formed at least 600 million years ago, consist mainly of carbon and are found only in a few places in Russia (e.?g. Karelia), Northern Finland and some areas in India. Shungites are used to produce black colour (icon-painting black), but also in polished form for jewellery production.


Topaz Orange (10903)

Topaz Orange is an opaque, richly coloured and sparkling brown orange. Its pigment is produced from the mineral phyllosilicate, one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals. The name Topaz comes from the Greek language, the mining of Topaz takes place today in Brazil, Russia, Afghanistan and Mexico. Due to its hardness and colour variance - there are orange, blue and pink topaz among others - the topaz is especially used as a gemstone.



Ruby Red (10904)

Ruby red gives the painter an opaque, bright, sparkling red. Its pigment is also produced from the mineral phyllosilicate and belongs to the group of pearlescent pigments. The ruby is a red variant of the mineral corundum, whereby the shade can vary between pale and dark red. The name ruby derives from the Middle Latin term "rubinus" for "the red". Al­­ready in the Bronze Age rubies are said to have been mined in Myanmar and the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans knew rubies as special stones.


Lapis lazuli (10488)

Lapis lazuli (it resembles ultramarine blue) contains real lapis lazuli obtained from the well-known semi-precious stone. Highly pigmented and semitransparent, it is a real rarity. The precious lapis lazuli, from which the pigment known as "ultramarine" was ex­trac­ted, has been known since the 11th century. It can be found in temple paintings in India and China. In Europe it was used since the early Middle Ages mainly for church paintings. Today Ultramarine is mainly produced synthetically. MUSSINI® Lapis lazuli, which Schmincke rubs on the historic stone roller, gives the painter the unique opportunity to once paint with the genuine Ultramarine Lapis lazuli.


Summer Promotion - as of 01.06. - 31.08.2019

AKADEMIE® Aquarell "hello summer" watercolour promotion set

Fresh, compact, ideal for travelling and on tour - this is the new promotion set "Hello Summer" (75743) from Schmincke. The small, trendy printed metal box contains nine half pans of the popular AKADEMIE® AQUARELL colour in a well-balanced assortment. Watercolour painters and urban sketchers, but also fans of New Watercolour or Watercolour Lettering get - also due to the good price - their money's worth. The fresh colour selection provides pure intensive colour effects and allows a wide colour range thanks to many other mixing options. The promotion set "Hello Summer" with fine artists' watercolours is available in the summer months as long as stock lasts.

Please ask you local dealer. As long as stock lasts.

AKADEMIE® Aquarell


colourful printed metal set "hello summer" with 9 half pans

Colours: 222 light lemon yellow, 225 Indian yellow, 332 cadmium red hue, 336 magenta, 443 Ultramarine, 448 cyan, 551 brillant green, 552 May green, 782 Black


College® Acrylic


Cardboard set with 75 ml tubes

Colours: 100 white, 210 lemon yellow, 230 Indian yellow, 300 vermillion red, 320 carmine red, 410 Ultramarine blue, 520 leaf green, 610 ochre, 630 deep brown, 710 black

Artists´ Favourites

With this promotion, you will receive our best-selling colours of the Norma® Professional, PRIMAcryl® and HORADAM® watercolours in attractive packaging. These packs contain 2 tubes (35 ml) or 3 tubes (15 ml) at a particularly good price. Promotion as of 01.04. 30.06.2019

Please ask your local dealer. As long as stock lasts.

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Bestseller - Artists´ Favourites


Norma® Professional

Set of 2x 35 ml tubes each


Set 1: 71713

2x 35 ml - 236 lemon yellow und 348 magenta 


Set 2: 71713

2x 35 ml - 610 burnt Sienna und 624 burnt umber




PRIMAcryl® Finest Artists´ Acrylic

Set of 2x 35 ml tubes each



Set 1: 73712

2x 35 ml - 433 Ultramarine blue und 896 classik gold 


Set 2: 73713

2x 35 ml - 327 Magenta und 436 royal blue





Set of 3x 15 ml tubes each


Set 1: 74793

3x 15 ml - 524 May green, 485 Indigo und 661 burnt Sienna


Set 2: 74794

3x 15 ml - 218 Transparent orange, 493 French Ultramarine und 668 burnt umber



Further promotions

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For example, promotion sets with AERO COLOR® Professional, Pastel, AKADEMIE® Watercolour or mediums for watercolours Click for more information

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finest, extras soft artists´ pastels

Metal set with 11 pastels

007 H, 004 D, 040 D, 041 B, 059 D, 064 D, 067 D, 076 B, 019 B, 035 B, 099 D


AKADEMIE® Aquarell

Fine artists´ watercolour

metal set with 18x half pans + daVinci brush


  • 222 - light  lemon yellow
  • 224 - cadmium yellow hue
  • 225 - Indian yellow
  • 330 - orange
  • 333 - carmine
  • 336 - magenta
  • 440 - violet
  • 443 - ultramarine
  • 445 - Prussian blue
  • 448 - cyan
  • 551 - brilliant green
  • 552 - may green
  • 553 - permanent green
  • 554 - olive green yellowish
  • 660 - yellow ochre
  • 664 - burnt umber
  • 665 - sepia
  • 770 - black


Mediums for watercolours

Liquid frisket/ Drawing gum neutral (50300) and coloured (50303) in 20 ml bottles

Please ask your local dealer for availability - in a display with 12 bottles - available seperately!



Annual promotion 2019

AERO COLOR® Professional

Candy colours

Special Edition 2018 and 2019!

  • 9 transparent colours
  • water- and pigment-based
  • high lightfastnessno bleeding
  • suitable for Airbrush, LINER, brush and dip-penready to use

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AERO COLOR Professional


Candy colours


  • 28022 - Sunflower Yellow
  • 28024 - Sunbeam Yellow
  • 28026 - Yellow Gold
  • 28030 - Poppy Red
  • 28033 - Flame Red
  • 28036 - Wine Red
  • 28041 - Sky Blue
  • 28064 - Teak Brown
  • 28072 - Smoke Black

AERO COLOR® Professional

Finest acrylic ink


cardboard set 5x 28 ml

101 - SUPRA white, opaque202 - Basic Yellow304 - Basic Magenta405 - Basic Cyan702 - Black

ANNUAL PROMOTION as of 01.04.2019 - As long as stock lasts!

Special Set



J.H. WATERCOLOUR WHEEL - HORADAM® Watercolours in a unique twister design


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This unusual 12er HORADAM® watercolour box, the Josef Horadam Watercolour Wheel, named after one of the two company founders, is a real collector's item in an unprecedented design. The individual watercolour cups are unscrewed from the rotating aluminium cylinder. The lockable water tank as well as the mixing recesses allow the direct use of the watercolour box.



  • 14215, 14224, 14349, 14353, 14494, 14492, 14519, 14534, 14655, 14649, 14663, 14780