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HORADAM® watercolours

The full assortment in a luxury wooden box or two different sets with Genuine Cadmiums and Cadmium-free colours.
While stocks last.


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HORADAM® watercolour

luxury wooden box with 140 x 5 ml tubes

Full assortment

HORADAM® watercolours

Genuine Cadmiums and Cadmium-free colours in two sets

Maybe you've noticed it before: In the HORADAM® AQUARELL range there are some colouristically very similar shades, which are however formulated differently and therefore have different properties. These are cadmium colours and their simulated, cadmium-free equivalents.

Why is this so and what makes the difference?
The genuine cadmium colours are all characterised by highest lightfastness, opacity, colour strength and brilliance due to their pigmentation. Their purity makes them ideal for brilliant mixtures. The colouristically similar, cadmium free imitated colours based on different, purely organic pigments and have different lightfastness and covering properties (transparent to semi-transparent).

You have the choice:
Schmincke now offers two HORADAM® AQUARELL cardboard sets, each containing sixpopular colours from the yellow-orange-red range in 5 ml tubes, one as pure cadmium colours, the other as asimulated cadmium-free alternative.



HORADAM® watercolours


Cardboard set 6 x 5 ml, Genuine Cadmiums


  • 224 - cadmium yellow light
  • 225 - cadmium yellow middle
  • 226 - cadmium yellow deep
  • 227 - cadmium orange light
  • 349 - cadmium red light
  • 350 - cadmium red deep



HORADAM® watercolours


Cardboard set with 6x 5 ml tubes - cadmium-free colours -


  • 216 - pure yellow
  • 212 - chromium yellow hue light
  • 213 - chromium yellow hue dark
  • 214 - chromium orange hue
  • 361 - permanent red
  • 366 - perylene maroon

Annual Promotion 2020


Metal set with 12x half pans in a porcelaine palette
As long as stocks last

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Metal set with 12x half pans in a porcelaine palette


  • 222 - light lemon yellow
  • 330 - orange
  • 332 - cadmium red hue
  • 333 - carmine
  • 443 - ultramarine
  • 445 - Prussian blue
  • 551 - brilliant green
  • 552 - may green
  • 660 - yellow ochre
  • 664 - burnt umber
  • 666 - English red
  • 770 - black

Further College Promotions

College® MEDIUMS

4 College® MEDIUMS promotion size 75 ml - while stocks lastAll acrylic mediums will be available from January 1st 2020.



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College® Acrylic

Cardboard set wiht 20 x 120 ml tubes - Special Size
incl. da Vinci College brush set #2,4 and 10


  • 100 - White
  • 210 - lemon yellow
  • 220 - college yellow
  • 240 - Orange
  • 300 - vermilion red
  • 320 - carmine red
  • 350 - college magenta
  • 360 - lavender
  • 420 - cobalt blue hue
  • 430 - college cyan
  • 450 - azure blue deep
  • 460 - turquoise
  • 510 - may green
  • 515 - olive green
  • 600 - Sahara
  • 610 - ochre
  • 635 - umber
  • 640 - terracotta reddish
  • 700 - stone grey
  • 710 - black



College® Acrylic MEDIUMS

College® Acrylic MEDIUMS offer – pure or combined with all acrylic colours – numerous creative options, e.g. for structures or collages. In addition to the three popular College® acrylic mediums modelling paste, structuring paste and retarder, Schmincke offers now a painting gel (50030, special edition), which increases the colour flow of acrylic colours and which is ideal for harmonious colour transitions. Like the other College® mediums from Schmincke, the painting gel can be used with all acrylic colours and will be available in 75 ml plastic tube (promotion size) from January 1st, 2020.


College® modelling paste (53015)

for fine / even structures

White acrylic paste with heavy consistency for structural andmodelling effects on rigid substrates (e. g. wood). Modelling paste can be coloured and painted over with acrylic colours.

College® structuring paste (53020)


A white, light acrylic paste which suits perfectly for structural effects on flexible substrates, e. g.canvas. The low weight of the paste makes it ideal for largesurfaces, also suitable for collage artwork. Structuring paste canbe coloured and painted over with acrylic colours.




College® retarder (53025)

retards drying

Jelly-like additive which delays the drying time of acrylic colours. Ideal for prolongedwet-on-wet painting. Adding around 20 % retarder to anacrylic colour extends the colour's drying time by approx. 50 %.A maximum of 30 % retarder can be added. Not to be used pure!



College® painting gel (53030)

improves flow

Medium for "soft" painting with acrylic colours. It increases the colour flow and simplifies the painting of  colour transitions. The gel retards drying andincreases gloss and transparency. Mixing ratio: max. 1:1



Further promotions

Acrylic mediums and Pastel

We offer three products in special size versions below


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Acrylic Mediums

Pouring Medium and Porung Medium S in a special size with 750 ml


Pouring Medium


Fluid acrylic medium for pouring. Optimized flow properties. Use pure or mixed in any ratio with acrylic colours (Pretest!). Reduces crazing. Dries water-resistant, glossy or semi-mat (depending on the mixing ratio) and clear-transparent. Can also to be used as high glossy final lacquer for acrylic paintings. Non-yellowing, flexible film with tack-free surface. Please note: Adding of silicone cause cracks.


Pouring Medium S


Fluid acrylic medium for pouring technique, ideal for cell effects with addition of silicone oil. Is mixed with acrylic colours to improve their flow properties. Ca also be dilted with water and combined with silicone oil to increase cell formation. Dries waterproof. Light-stable. flexible film. Do not below 15°C. Substrates must be not too absorbent, clean, sustainable and grease-free. Pre-tests recommended.





White XXL


White in XXL version -handmade - SPECIAL EDITION

Size approx.: 20 mm diameter and 60 mm lenght