AERO - Schmincke Licence for spraying

Did you know what the word “AERO” stays for in Schmincke products?

"AERO" means that this colour is also qualified for spraying. Surely you know the AERO COLOR® Professional, the spraying colours from Schmincke, which have been developed specially for airbrushing, but are also perfectly suited for traditional painting as they are the most fluid acrylic version. On the labels of Schmincke’s HORADAM® GOUACHE colours you also find the addition “AERO finest”. What is not very common: the Schmincke gouache can also be used – after thinning - with an airbrush.

In detail:

AERO COLOR® Professional is a colour on acrylic basis which dries waterproof. The larger particles are transparent and can be applied with a spray gun or with a brush. The colours can either be used pure or sprayed when thinned with water.

HORADAM® GOUACHE is an opaque colour on water basis, which dries not waterproof. It is made from very fine pigments and can therefore be sprayed with a spray gun up to 0,15 mm. After drying the HORADAM® GOUACHE is resoluble with water.


And that is the way how to do it:

To get the optimal spraying consistency of the HORADAM® GOUACHE, you take a glass and thin the colour step by step with water. You should start with a ratio of 1:1 water to colour and increase then the portion of water to approx. 2:1 water to colour. The consistency of the colour should become homogenous which can be achieved by very intense stirring of the colour-water-mixture. Spray tests before you start the final work are always recommended, as the ideal mixing ratio depends not only on the colour but also on the used nib size of the spraying gun.

If you should see Schmincke labels marked with “AERO” in the future you know that this colour is perfect for pure use in traditional painting but also suitable for spraying !