Dot Cards

In the Jubilee Year 2017, Schmincke enlarges and optimizes - after some years of research by the Schmincke lab - the HORADAM® watercolours to the premium 140 assortment. In this regard the Dot Cards for trying out the colours have been developed.


What is a Dot Card?

These cards in different sizes contain genuine HORADAM® watercolour-dots on watercolour paper: The Dot Card with 6 dots (several variations) serve as HORADAM® samples. The Dot Card with 140 colours  is always available at a low price to get accustomed to the reducedand the complete assortment and to help to select one‘s favourite colours out of the 140 assortment.


How to use the Dot Card?

The Dot cards contain original HORADAM® watercolor dots. With a wet brush the colours can be painted directly in the fields marked with name and number sothat the artist experiences the variety of each colour. After drying the Dot Card suits as own original colour chart as well as decision guidance when choosing and buying colours.