Boundless creativity 

Artists’ acrylic colours allow the widest range of expression in painting. The finely pigmented resin dispersion has many advantages: Schmincke’s acrylic colours provide a unique range of technical variations due to their different viscosities (from liquid to paste-like): The colours can be worked from a paste to a watercolour-like consistency, they can be used for painting or applied with a knife, enriched with pastes and gels and used in an almost unlimited way as a basis for collages. Traditional painting techniques such as glazing or wet-on-wet can be achieved as well as experimental mixed media techniques. The incredible intensity and stability of acrylic colours have made them equally popular with all users. 

Technical diversity for all requirements 

Schmincke’s acrylic colours are available in different qualities and viscosities:  

  • The finest, more paste-like PRIMAcryl®  
  • The fluid option, with identical colours, PRIMAcryl®-Fluid 
  • The fine AKADEMIE® Acryl color 
  • College® Acrylic in student quality 
  • The finely-fluid AERO COLOR® Professional 


All colours can be used undiluted directly from the tube, bottle or dropper bottle, but they can also be diluted with water. Almost any material can be used as a base, provided it is clean and free from dust and grease (canvases, painting boards, papers, cardboard, wood, concrete, and many more). Acrylic colours are resistant to ageing and durable, which means that when they dry they are water-resistant and have good to very good lightfastness. Schmincke's acrylic colours are nearly odourless and the fact that they can be diluted with water means that they can be used without using odorous thinners and cleaners. 

Fast drying times 

Acrylic colours have very short drying times. Depending on the thickness of the layer, the colours dry within 5 to 50 minutes. This feature means that several layers of colour can be applied onto of each other rapidly. Finished paintings also dry quickly. If the open times of the paint are not long enough for painters, they can work with a variety of drying retarders. 

Acrylic mediums 

Many professional mediums developed by Schmincke offer additional creative possibilities. The Schmincke range of mediums covers everything that may be required for acrylic painting, from primers to various painting mediums, pastes and gels, to final treatment. All products are compatible with each other and therefore make the ideal complement to the acrylic colours. 

Also ideal for beginners 

Schmincke acrylic colours and mediums are perfectly suited to getting started in painting because they are easy to use and do not require much equipment.