AERO COLOR® Professional

Finest Acrylic Ink, Series 28

AERO COLOR® Professional: Liquid acrylic colours for acrylic painting and mixed media techniques 

Painting and sketching as well as mixed-media techniques with liquid AERO COLOR® Professional colours by Schmincke are more than a creative trend. Painters and hobby artists are excited about the many uses of the finest liquid, intensely coloured and highly lightfast acrylic inks which can be applied using a brush or liner but also an airbrush.  


Suitable surfaces include acrylic and watercolour papers, primed canvases, stretcher frames, surfaces formed with structural pastes, wood, cardboard and many others. The important thing, as for all acrylic paints, is that the surfaces are clean, dry and grease-free. 

 The AERO COLOR® Professional range includes: 

  • 36 finest, most brilliant chromatic colours - a harmonious range of colours which guarantees brilliant mixing results and an unlimited variety of shades.  
  • 12 brilliant TOTAL COVER colours that also cover dark surfaces and black perfectly. 
  • 9 Candy Colours water- and pigment-based, highly transparent and brilliant for a strong depth effect
  • 12 effect colours for a wide variety of colour effects. 
  • An extensive range of mediums for airbrushing and painting 
  • All colours have the highest lightfastness (4 or 5 stars only) for particular stability. They can be mixed and combined with all Schmincke acrylic colours. 
  • All AERO COLOR® Professional colours are available in stable glass dropper bottles (28 ml), 24 colours also in 250 ml and 5 colours (3 basic colours, SUPRA White, opaque and black) in 1,000 ml plastic bottles. 


AERO COLOR® Professional and AERO COLOR® Professional TOTAL COVER 

AERO COLOR® Professional are highly lightfast and brilliant liquid acrylic colours by Schmincke, which are ideal for use with retouching pens, dip-pens and brushes for different mixing techniques, such as watercolour technique, mixed media with other Schmincke acrylic colours and mediums, etc.   

AERO COLOR® Professional are characterised by their ideal application qualities: They have a pleasant odour, are easy to work, durable and can be applied to almost all grease-free surfaces. All colours are ready to use and can be used undiluted due to the finest pigmentation. If required, they can also be diluted with AERO MEDIUM (50602) or with distilled water (up to 20%). Many of the colours are single-pigment tones that guarantee brilliant mixing results and an unlimited variety of shades. All colours have the highest lightfastness (4 or 5 stars only) for particular stability. 

Many of the bright colours are transparent. The three BASIS colours, BASIS yellow, BASIS magenta and BASIS cyan offer ideal mixing results, e.g. for a neutral grey and many brilliant intermediate shades. 

The 12 TOTAL COVER colours provide the perfect complement to provide cover to the existing AERO COLOR® Professional range: The semi-gloss and extremely lightfast colours in well-balanced tones also provide total cover on dark shades due to a special pigmentation. They can be mixed and combined with each other as well with all existing colours of AERO COLOR® Professional range. The dropper bottles contain 28 ml and are clearly recognisable by the black label.  

  • 12 additional colours, providing total cover even on dark surfaces, including 11 single-pigment colours.
  • 7 new pigments, not included in the standard range.
  • Silky-matt surface
  • Highly lightfast (all 4 and 5 stars)
  • For airbrush, LINER and brush (mixed media)
  • Can be combined with all colours of the AERO COLOR® Professional range
  • Identifiable by the black label
  • 28 ml glass dropper bottle

AERO COLOR® Professional effect colours 

For special effects, there are also 12 effect colours for special kinds of colour effects: A range of 12 effect colours (divided into 4 effect types) which provide unique colour effects because of their versatility. Depending on the layer thickness, surface, lighting and viewing angles, they produce spectacular effects and attractive colour sheen. 

  • AERO SHINE (2 colours) 
  • AERO METALLIC (7 colours) 
  • AERO VISION (3 colours) 

For even more fascinating colour effects, all the effect colours can be combined with each other and with all colours in the AERO COLOR® Professional range. 


AERO COLOR® Professional LINER

AERO COLOR® Professional LINER as empty pens are perfect to create outlines with different thickness and signatures in brilliant, lightfast AERO COLOR® Professional colours. They are also very popular for drawing techniques and especially for (urban) sketching. The empty pens can be filled easily with all 36 standard colour shades and 12 colours TOTAL COVER. Schmincke offers the empty LINER with different line widths as well as replacement tips for each pen.

Please note that these 12 effect tones will be omitted in the future:

  • AERO SHINE turquoise (28 914),
  • AERO PEARL galaxy silver (28 918),
  • AERO PEARL dark hole black (28 923),
  • AERO PEARL neptune blue (28 921),
  • AERO SHINE blue (28 902),
  • AERO SHINE violet (28 913),
  • AERO PEARL nugget gold (28 919),
  • AERO PEARL ruby-red (28 920),
  • AERO SHINE red (28 912),
  • AERO PEARL emerald green (28 922),
  • AERO MEATLLIC dark ice (28 907),
  • AERO METALLIC dark copper (28 908)

Available in specialist shops while stocks last!

Candy Colours

The 9 Candy Colours have been so popular that they are now permanently included in the range. 

  • 9 colours
  • highly transparent
  • ideal for bright and effect surfaces
  • brilliante colours for a strong depth effect
  • white lable "Candy"
  • water-based (not solvent-based)*
  • pigment-based (no colorants)*
  • 28 ml bottles
  • also as a set with 9 bottles (81719)
  • perfect for the AERO COLOR® Professional Liner

* The AERO COLOR® Professional Candy colours are, as all AERO COLOR® Professional colours, water- and pigment-based + binder. This special quality feature makes the difference to other Candy colours whose recipes are mostly based on solvents and colorants.


  • 28022 - Sunflower Yellow
  • 28024 - Sunbeam Yellow
  • 28026 - Yellow-Gold
  • 28030 - Poppy Red
  • 28033 - Flame Red
  • 28036 - Wine Red
  • 28041 - Sky Blue
  • 28064 - Teak Brown
  • 28072 - Smoke Black

Optimised product range 2020

Schmincke has adapted its extensive range of AERO COLOR® Professional products to the changing demands of the artists. The 9 Candy colours have been so popular that they are now permanently included in the range.

The effect colour range has been reduced to the 12 bestselling colours and the AERO Opaque medium has been omitted as it has not been used much since the successful introduction of the 12 TOTAL COVER colours.

From 1.2.2020 the entire AERO COLOR® Professional range therefore includes 36 brilliant standard colours, 12 TOTAL COVER colours, 12 effect colours (7 AERO METALLIC, 3 AERO VISION and 2 AERO SHINE), 9 Candy colours and various mediums.