AKADEMIE® Acryl Color


Fine artists' acrylic colours (series 23) 

  •  52 standard and 8 effect colours = balanced, wide colour spectrum 
  •    *High brilliance and opacity (2/3 of colours) or translucence (1/3) 
  • cadmium-free
  • Wide range of sizes: All 60 colours in:

    • 60 ml (aluminium tubes) 
    • 120 ml (plastic tubes) 
    • 250 ml (bottles) 

  • 36 colours in 500 ml (bottles) and NEW - all Ink´s in a 50 ml pipette-plastic bottle
  • Titanium white in 2.5 l buckets 
  • Attractive painting boxes 
  • Primary yellow, primary magenta and primary cyan to mix pure secondary tones 

Schmincke's AKADEMIE® Acryl color suits the needs of not only the ambitious beginner but also the demanding professional artist. The 60 brilliant, intense and extremely lightfast colours form a sophisticated assortment that includes three shades of white and special effect colours (including gold, silver and neon colours). All the colours are created without cadmium pigments. Further advantages of this range are the completely waterproof drying, the long open time of the colours and a pleasant odour. 

Just as with all other acrylic colours, AKADEMIE® Acryl color can be mixed and combined with any other Schmincke colours (PRIMAcryl®,College® Acrylic and AERO COLOR® Professional) and all acrylic mediums.  

Stretched frames, painting boards, acrylic paper, wood and other clean, grease-free surfaces are suitable as painting surfaces. 

NEW - AKADEMIE® Acryl color Ink

AKADEMIE® Acryl color Ink - the liquid form of AKADEMIE® Acryl color

AKADEMIE® Acryl color is now also available in a liquid form, as "pigmented acrylic ink" for painting and writing with our liners No. 2-6 (except gold and silver).

  • 36 cadmium-free colours in a stable 50 ml pipette-plastic bottle
  • Identical pigmentation, coloristic and numbering as AKADEMIE® Acryl color - ideal compatibility
  • Shake before use - easily due to a glass ball
  • Dries water-resistant
  • Application with brush, pipette, drawing pen, Liner and airbrush (sprayable from 0.3 mm nozzle)