PRIMAcryl® finest artists' acrylic colours, series 13

  • Unmatched titanium white through highest pigmentation 
  • Opacity and high spreading rate for brilliant mixtures 
  • High solids colour: high flow resistance with best applicability 
  • Elastic, contour-stable structures after drying  
  • Almost no colour shift after drying 
  • Waterproof and highly resistant after drying 
  • Exclusively 4 and 5 stars rating for lightfastness 
  • Quality range “Made in Germany”  
  • Pack sizes: 84 colours in 35 ml and 60 ml tubes, 36 colours in 120 ml tubes, 237 ml jars and 250 ml bottles, also black and white in 474 ml jars 

PRIMAcryl®, the high viscosity premium acrylic colours by Schmincke consist of a rich and well-balanced range of 84 premium colours in a wide range of containers (35 ml, 60 ml and 120 ml tubes and 237 ml and 474 ml jars). For PRIMAcryl® Fluid there are an additional 36 identical colours with a gently-flowing consistency, for which the same premium artists’ pigments in the same maximum concentration are used (in 250 ml bottles). 

The PRIMAcryl® range brings together all the benefits that can be provided by any demanding, premium acrylic colour: PRIMAcryl® uses a selection of modern, top-quality and resistant pigments and the exceptionally high pigment content gives all the colours a new dimension of brilliance and expressiveness. The titanium white is unparalleled. Its high pigmentation, opacity and cover rate allows incredibly brilliant mixtures. PRIMAcryl® guarantees best applicability with high flow resistance. Due to the extremely high solid content of PRIMAcryl®, elastic and contour-stable drying is guaranteed. PRIMAcryl® Fluid is significantly more fluid due to its reduced viscosity. 

With PRIMAcryl® there is practically no colour shift between the wet and dry states. These premium acrylic colours are characterised by the usual high lightfastness and the no less than 4 or 5 stars expected of Schmincke colours. PRIMAcryl® has a pleasant odour. None of the colours yellow and the dried paint layers are durable, flexible and water-resistant. PRIMAcryl® can be used directly from the tube and PRIMAcryl® Fluid undiluted directly from the bottle, but both can also be diluted with water. The comprehensive range of painting mediums with a wide range of pastes and effect gels offer further creative possibilities.