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HKS® Designers´ Gouache

Series 25 

  • 60 colours  
  • The base for the recognised HKS® systems  
  • Best artists' pigments in highest concentration 
  • High opacity 
  • Excellent lightfastness 
  • Repro-tested = optimal reproduction when used directly from the tube 
  • Can be mixed with all series of Schmincke gouache 
  • Streak-free, opaque colour application with a brush or airbrush (0.3 mm nozzle) 
  • Once dry, the colour easily can be wetted and reused 
  • Available in following sizes: 60 colours in 20 ml tubes, black and white also in 120 ml tubes 

This assortment of fine, reproducible, opaque Designers' Gouache contains 60 brilliant colours. Most of the colours are highly opaque. HKS® Designers' Gouache permits an even application with either a brush or a 0,3mm airbrush.  The dried colours can be rewetted with water and reused completely.  

HKS® Designers' Gouache is also repro-tested for the 4-colour-printing-process so that an optimal reproduction is guaranteed.  In this case the colour has to be applied straight from the tube.