Lino print

Lino colours from Schmincke provide beginners and experienced artists with a wide variety of forms of creative expression. Just a few examples of the creative potential of lino and material prints include small and large single and multi-colour prints or your own printed postcards for different occasions. The aqua lino print colours as well as the College® lino print colours and an assortment of different mediums provide users with brilliant colours and various mediums for all sorts of printing techniques. 


Lino printing is a relief printing technique where the design to be printed remains (laterally inverted) on the lino plate or other printing material (wood, foam rubber, etc.), and the parts that are not to be printed are removed (usually cut away or cut off). Special lino knives for lino printing are available from art material suppliers, for material or stamp printing, scissors and knives are sufficient.

The print material 

In addition to the lino printing technique with a special press used by many experienced artists, it is also possible to work with stamps, where, for example, the lino plate or the rubber plate cut into a shape is used as a kind of stamp. Woodcuts are also suitable for this process. For all techniques, the lino print colour should be rolled out thinly on a glass plate and from there applied in a thin layer onto the printing block using a lino roller. The design is then transferred to the surface (which may also be coloured) onto which it is to be printed, by pressing evenly and smoothly. 


Many different materials are suitable as printing surfaces. Why not test the effect of your print on plain paper, coloured card, felt or fabric? Remember that lino printing colours are not waterproof.

LINO mediums 

Three specially formulated mediums for the Schmincke lino print colours can be used to change the surface effect of the colours (LINO-PEARL 50900, LINO-SHINE 50901 and LINO-glaze 50902). They have to be mixed with the colour. Information about mixing ratios, etc. are shown in the colour chart and on the product labels. It is a good idea to do test prints in advance. The printing blocks and tools can be cleaned easily after they have been used using LINO-CLEAN (50903) and/or water.