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Binders and resins


Grind your own colours - with pigments and binders from Schmincke

Even today, many artists grind their own colour in their own studios just like the old masters using a glass muller and a slightly roughened glass plate. Moreover, sometimes it is useful to add more binder to finished paints for certain painting techniques. Schmincke offers a wide range of products for all of these applications. These products together with the finest artists’ pigments of the Series 18 offer the user numerous possibilities for the individual production of water-colours, gouache, linoprint, acrylic, oil and tempera colours.

Owing to the highly varying binder requirements of the individual pigments, it is unfortunately not possible to offer specific formulas. However, here is a standard formula for a classic lean Egg Tempera that you will then have to adapt to the specific pigment that you have selected:


  • For the tempera binder, mix 1 part egg to 1 part linseed oil varnish (50014) and shake inside a tightly sealed bottle before adding 1 part water and then shaking vigorously once again. (HINT: If the eggshell is cracked carefully, all the ingredients can be measured out in optimum manner using the empty egg shell!)
  • To make the tempera paint, tempera binder is gradually added to a teaspoonful of pigment on a grinding plate using a palette knife until a creamy paste is produced. The colour compound is then ground by means of circular movements using the glass muller. Keep adding binder or pigment to the mixture until the colour compound has the consistency you require.


ATTENTION: For all artist paints you have mixed yourself, it is important to do your own pre-test with the painting technique you intend to use!