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Linseed oil, purified

pure and light



Especially refined (winterized and bleached) linseed oil. Binding component for oil colours and oil painting mediums; binder for own production of non-white oil colours. (Attention: The natural yellowing tendency of linseed oil cannot be stopped by bleaching!)

Thinner: turpentine substitute (50019).




    • Binding component for oil colours and oil painting mediums.
    • Binder for own production of non-white oil colours. (The mixing ratio of binder to pigment very much depends on the type of pigment. Pre-test!)
    • Linseed oil, purified is ready to use, but can be diluted with e.g. turpentine substitute 50019.
    • Please clean tools like brushes or palettes as soon as possible with e.g. oil of turpentine 50024 / 50102, turpentine substitute 50019 or brush cleaner 50051 / 50052.
    • Close immediately after use.
    • Store in a cool and dry place.
    • Individual pre-tests are required.


                Sizes: 60 ml, 200 ml and 1000 ml

                Contains: Linseed oil.

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                Hazard statements

                Safety precautions

                Other hazards

                Materials soiled with product such as cleaning rags, tissues and protective clothing, may ignite spontaneously a few hours later.