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Linoprint mediums

In general not only aqua-Linoprint colours in artists’ quality but also College® Linoprint colours in student quality can be applied directly to suitable supports like paper or board.

However, adding the LINO mediums allow additional visual effects to be achieved: depending on the medium used, print colours are made more transparent, glossy or acquire a shimmering mother-of-pearl effect. The effect depends on the quantity of medium added and on the colour shade of the linoprint colour. In general, the greater the quantity of LINO medium and the darker the shade, the more distinctive the effect.

All three LINO mediums are mixed unthinned into the linoprint colours. LINO gloss (50901) and LINO pearl (50900) also allow subsequent accentuation by being printed on separately. Just like our linoprint colours, they are wipe-resistant but not water-resistant after drying, they are low-odour and can be mixed with water. (Note: the addition of LINO mediums slightly extend the open time of the print colours.)

For the storage of all LINO mediums and for Schmincke printing colours: Protect against frost.

HINT: Even if all printing blocks and working equipment such as glass plates, printing rollers, paint knifes and brushes can generally be cleaned with water, we recommend the use from time to time of a special cleaner like LINO clean (50903).

Would you prefer to grind your own linoprint colours? You will find a suitable binder linoprint binder “ready-to-use” (50850) at the category binders: Oil, resind and ready-to-use binders. If you require a final treatment for your prints, we recommend the universal fixative (50401).