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Mediums for AERO COLOR Professional

Working with AERO COLOR® Professional and AERO mediums

Working with AERO COLOR® Professional does not require the use of special mediums. The highly fluid acrylic colours can be applied immediately – using the airbrush, paint brush, quill or with AERO COLOR® Professional LINERS.

However, there are also special AERO mediums that you can use to achieve particular characteristics and effects. AERO TEX (50603) and AERO LACK (50604) enable AERO COLOR® Professional to be applied to a wide range of textiles and leather. AERO METALLIC MEDIUM (50608) produces impressive metallic effects. AERO medium (50602) makes colours more transparent but without sacrificing adhesion to the support, as what happens when water is added. And AERO RETARDER (50607) extends if necessary the otherwise relatively fast drying time of the paints.

All AERO mediums described in this section are ready to use but can be thinned down if necessary using water in any proportion. As for the acrylic mediums in section 3: use only at temperatures above 10 °C and protect against frost and temperatures above 40 °C!

Here you will find information on the primer AERO GRUND (50601). It can also be used to prepare smooth non-absorbent supports like metal or plastic. If you would like to mask paper before applying AERO COLOR® Professional, there are various possibilities available liquid frisket (50300, 50303) and masking fluids (50730, 50731) (see section 1, page 9 of this brochure for more details). And there are also various final treatment options for AERO COLOR® Professional.