Size / Pre-Primer

for traditional surfaces


A colorless, transparent, light-resistant and non-aging pre-primer for preparing / bonding strong absorbent, greaseless surfaces like raw linen, wood or card board. Forms an elastic, satin-gloss film after drying. The product is ready to use, but can be diluted with max. 10% of water.

Thinner: Water




  • Size / pre-primer is ready for use and should be applied twice in a thin layer. (The previous coat has to be completely dry before the next coat is applied!)

    • The product can be diluted with water (max. 10 %) dependent on the painting surface.
    • It dries up to a water-insoluble film.
    • Please clean tools like brushes as soon as possible with water or water and soap.
    • Please don´t use the product below temperatures under 10 °C object- and room-temperatures.
    • Close immediately after use.
    • Store in a cool and dry place.
    • Protect from frost.
    • Afterwards apply Schmincke primer, i.e. Schmincke primer 1, strongly absorbent 50512 or Schmincke primer 2, slightly absorbent 50514.
    • Individual pre-tests are required.


Sizes: 500 ml

Contains: pure acrylate dispersion..

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Hazard statement

Safety precautions

Other hazards
May produce an allergic reaction.