Schmincke primer 1, strongly absorbent


A pure white, semi-opaque, light-resistant and nonaging primer for oil and acrylic colours with stronger absorbent character similar to a half-chalk ground (gesso). Forms an elastic, matt film after drying. Schmincke primer 1 is ready to use, but can be diluted with max. 30% of water.

Thinner: Water




  • Shake well and stir – if necessary – before use.
  • Schmincke primer 1, strongly absorbent is ready for use and should be applied in two or three thin layers. (The previous coat has to be completely dry before the next coat is applied!)
  • The product can be diluted with max. 30 % of water if necessary.
  • It dries up water-insoluble.
  • If necessary the product is allowed to be sand down finely.
  • If the primer is required in a different colour shade, the product can be individually tinted with using Schmincke acrylic colours.
  • If the surface is extremely absorbent like natural canvas, it should be pretreated with size/pre-primer 50510.
  • Please clean tools like brushes as soon as possible with water or water and soap.
  • Please don´t use the product below temperatures under 10 °C object- and room-temperatures.
  • Close immediately after use.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Protect from frost.
  • Individual pre-tests are required.


                        Sizes: 500 ml and 1000 ml

                        Contains: pure acrylate dispersion.

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                        May produce an allergic reaction.