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Solvents, thinners and cleaning agents


Solvents, thinners and special cleaning agents for your tools

Many artists’ paints and mediums can be used directly with water. However, painting using oil or tempera paints requires special organic solvents to thin paints and mediums and clean equipment like paint brushes or palette knives. Varnishes also require the use of solvents.

The classic product among them is certainly oil of turpentine (50024, 50102) obtained from coniferous woods. It is ideal for thinning oil colours, oil mediums and varnishes based on white spirit and also as a solvent for dammar and gum mastic. The synthetic alternative, turpentine substitute (50019), has very similar characteristics, however, it cannot be used to produce a mastic solution.

There are also some solvent mixtures that are much less odorous like, for example, citrus-terpin (50013), terpin (50023) or Diluent N (50026). These can also be used to thin oil colours but not oil mediums or varnish solutions. To remove oil and acrylic colours that have already dried, additional special products with high dissolving strength are required like, for example, brush cleaner (50051) or Eco brush cleaner (50052).

The range is completed by an especially effective cleaning agents AERO CLEAN RAPID (50606) for air-brushes and LINO clean (50903) for heavily soiled linoprint rollers. ATTENTION: Organic solvents should only be used in well-ventilated rooms. Please refer to the individual Safety Data Sheets.