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Watercolour and Gouache Mediums

Purists among the watercolour painters need only one painting medium: water. However, our AQUA series of watercolour mediums allow the use of new creative techniques and effects using HORADAM® or AKADEMIE® watercolours – and not just on paper as the classic support!

HINT: The primers AQUA primer, fine (50702) and AQUA primer, coarse (50703) allow aquarelle work to be done on other non-greasy supports like, for example, canvas, illustration board or wood. If you would like to partially mask smooth paper that is not too absorbent before painting an aquarelle, you have various options: Liquid frisket (50300, 50303) and masking fluids (50730, 50731). Two modelling pastes – fine and coarse – also allow three-dimensional texture effects with the use of water-colours on different supports. They are simply applied to e. g. paper (> 350 g/m²), artist’s board or wood using a palette knife or spatula and can be painted over with watercolours after drying – with somewhat thicker coats, preferably not until the next day – without a further coating of primer. It is important, when working with watercolours and the AQUA series, that the supports are free of grease. For supports that are difficult to wet with water, we recommend pre-treatment using Oxgall (50 031) or ONETZ (14031). Moreover, improved flow on such supports is achieved by adding a little of these two wetting agents to water-colours (please use a palette to mix the mediums and paint!).

By the way: these two mediums can also be used to “degrease” the lacquered mixing palettes of the metal paint box. All AQUA mediums can easily be mixed with water. Some of them dry like acrylic colours elatively quickly to become water-resistant. For this reason, it is advisable to clean all used working equipment with soap and water immediately after painting. The effect obtained using the mediums AQUA gloss (50740) and AQUA shine (50720) very much depends on the individual amounts added. This means: the more paint and less water, the greater the effect. 

ATTENTION: Many AQUA mediums are mixed with water-colours before being applied. Always use a palette or a plate for mixing – the mediums may never be put directly into the pans! For the storage of all AQUA mediums: Store in a cool place. Protect against frost.

HINT: All AQUA mediums can also be combined with HORADAM® Gouache or AKADEMIE® Gouache, provided that they were used like watercolours after being thinned with lots of water. By the way: Those wishing to grind watercolours with pigments themselves will find detailed information on gum arabic (50302) and on the watercolour binder “ready-to-use“ (50820).