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College® Oil

Artists´ oil colours in student quality, Series 31

  • Reliable artists’ oil colour 
  • 24 colours (including gold and silver)  
  • Proven artists’ pigments and natural plant oils 
  • Good lightfastness (almost exclusively 4 + 5 stars) 
  • Available in following sizes: 24 colours in 200 ml tubes, 5 colours in 2.5 l buckets 

The 18 semi- opaque/opaque and 6 semi-transparent/transparent College® Oil colours combine all properties needed in a student oil paint. Due to its good mixability and the rapid, even drying, it is easy to apply. The smooth, “buttery” consistency makes it ideal to work with, and the working strokes of the brush and palette knife remain visible. Using the three basic colours, College® yellow, College® magenta and College® cyan it is easy to learn how to mix colours and countless other colours can be created to complement the palette.   

All College® Oil colours can be mixed and combined with all other Schmincke oil colours (MUSSINI®, Norma® Professional, AKADEMIE® Öl color) and the extensive oil mediums. 

SCHMINCKE MEDIA: College Oil Video