Watercolours are also called “aquarelles” (aqua = Latin for water). They are composed of finely triturated pigments, a binder such as gum arabic, and a small proportion of wetting agent. They are soluble in water and remain so after drying. 

Watercolour painting is one of the most popular painting techniques. It fascinates beginners as well as professionals and the wide range of options create ever more challenges to choose new subjects. In addition to traditional techniques such as wet-on-wet and glazing painting, more modern mixed media techniques are also gaining popularity in watercolour painting. A large number of watercolour mediums extends the range of use by many creative techniques on different grounds. Special watercolour fixatives finally ensure that the watercolours are not only protected but also retain their colour strength and brilliance. 

Watercolours can be easily mixed with each other. A wide range of colours can be mixed just with the useful collection of colours in the Schmincke 12 set, but of course also with an individually chosen selection of colours. Due to the high number of single and double-pigment colours, mixtures produce colours of exceptional brilliance and purity. 

High-quality working materials are another important factor in addition to high-quality colours. The brushes and papers used should be of the best quality from the start. Although high-quality materials cannot guarantee any masterpieces, without them if is almost impossible to achieve good results, brilliance, lightfastness and durability.   

The Schmincke Aquarell range consists of:

  • AKADEMIE® Aquarell 
  • AQUA Mediums