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J.H. Watercolour Wheel

„J.H. Watercolour Wheel“ - Schmincke HORADAM® watercolours in a unique twister design

This extraordinary HORADAM® watercolours painting box - the Josef Horadam Watercolour Wheel, named after one of the two company founders of 1881 - is a real collector's item of a special value.

The HORADAM® watercolours are well-known for their unique and highly concentrated quality around the world. They are now presented in a very special, high quality and timeless design, produced in a German specialized factory for metal processing: An elegant, self-twistable aluminum cylinder, out of which the single HORADAM® watercolour pans in black anodized aluminum holders will be turned out twister like.

The 12 well-chosen and coloristically reasonable colours are those from the proven HORADAM® watercolour painting box with 12 pans. They allow a wide range of mixing options. The integrated, lockable water tank as well as the additional mixing slots allow the direct use of the painting box.

The J.H. Watercolour Wheel connects the historical HORADAM® watercolour recipes with an extraordinary watercolour painting box design. Thus, it represents a precious must have collector's item completely Made in Germany.


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