Acrylic-Bronzes for colouring concrete objects

Creating objects out of concrete is – for sure – one of the newest creative trends. With vessels or decorative objects you will

find unlimited creative options. To reduce the rough charm of the concrete object and to transform it into “real design” you

can paint over some parts of the concrete surface with acrylic colours or acrylic bronzes. For a veritable precious touch you

chose an overpainting in shimmering gold, bronze or silver shades. Instead of beaten gold you can use the acrylic bronzes of

Schmincke which dry – as a surplus – to a water resistant coat. These opaque colours based on veritable bronze can applied

easily with a brush and are durable and light resistant, too.

How it works:

Step 1:

In a first step you cast the object - in our example hemispherical bowls - with a special creative concrete. Please look at the instructions how the concrete has to be used. After drying you remove the bowls out of the casting mould. Use sandpaper if you wish to polish the surface. Now the bowls have to dry completely (overnight).


Step 2:

The bowls are painted only in the inner area. Use a flat brush and try the Schmincke Acrylic bronze Copper (15824). The colour should be applied from the inner bottom to the outer edges to achieve a clean and even surface. Now the colour has to dry. The copper shade provides a warm and elegant shimmering effect into the rough bowl.


Step 3:

Now you can try other variations with the tones Silver (15825) and Rich gold (15821). The results become amazing because of the contrast of elegant colour shades and the concrete. For a better durability you can varnish the painted parts with a acrylic gloss lacquer (50586 ) or a acrylic lacquer, satin-glossy of Schmincke (50587).


Schmincke Acrylic-Bronzes are available in 5 different tones. They are suitable not only for acrylic painting but also for creating different objects which have to be dry, clean and grease free.


Creative options:

For a thrilling colour effect you can also use neon colours, for example Schmincke AKADEMIE® Acrylic colours in the shades Neon Yellow (23845), Neon Orange (23850), Neon Pink (23855) or Fluorescent White (23840). To increase the intense colour effect you better make an underpainting with white acrylic colour. After drying you can apply all neon shades. For a lessintense color effect you also can use all kinds of acrylic colours directly.