Handlettering Step by Step - with Hannah Rabenstein and AERO COLOR® Professional

Hand lettering is the topic in 2017. Handwritten and embellished chalk boards, invitations, or poster – there are so many creative options.

AERO COLOR® Professional standard colours and TOTAL COVER are ideally suited for hand lettering as they are easy to apply with the LINER and – with a little practise – also with a brush.


There are also many books available in the market giving instruction and inspiration for scripts and slogans, so the German author Hannah Rabenstein did, who supported us with the following step by step artwork.

You will need: 

  • Watercolour paper, cardboard, handlettering paper
  • AERO COLOR® Professional: SUPRA White, opaque (28101), Black (28702) and as TOTAL COVER Ruby red (28833)
  • AERO COLOR® Professional LINER size 1 or 2
  • Stable plastic sheet
  • Pencil, ruler
  • Kleenex

Step 1:

The coloured background will be created using the two AERO COLOR® Professional shades SUPRA-White, opaque and Ruby red. Therefore, first spread some drops of water onto the paper. 

Step 2:

With the practical AERO COLOR® Professional pipette the dosage is very easy - add some drops of SUPRA-White, opaque and Ruby red.

Step 3:

Now put the plastic sheet onto the colour drops and press it on slightly. Thus, the colours mix to spontaneous colour gradients. Remove the plastic sheet carefully.

Step 4: 

A surplus of colour and water can be taken off with a Kleenex. Let the colours dry.

Step 5:

Draw some diagonal lines using the ruler and a pencil. This helps to arrange the letters properly. Now you pre-draw all words in thin outlines. If you feel save in free-writing, you can skip this step.

Step 6:

Fill the Schmincke Liner with AERO COLOR® Professional Black. Write your text carefully into the lines.

Step 7:

For filled letters, first draw the outline and then fill the gaps with the Liner.

Step 8:

Let the colour dry completely and erase the still visible pencil traces carefully.

Hint: For a well-balanced design, mind, that parts of the text will be placed outside thec oloured background and that finest lines and more compact parts alternate.


Further impressions and inspiration for script by Hannah Rabenstein. AERO COLOR® Profession SUPRA-white, opaque is ideally suited for use on dark papers or on a plate of slate.