HORADAM® water colours: glazing technique

Glazing technique with HORADAM® AQUARELL - Transparent brilliance in layers

A feature characteristic for HORADAM® AQUARELL watercolours is the glazing effect and transparency which makes them ideal for glazing technique. In this technique the colours need to be applied in thin layers upon each other with the result of very special colour effects which cannot be achieved by simple mixtures. Additionally, the paper surface plays a stronger role in the final appearance of the painting. Though all colours allow in general the glazing technique, some specific aspects of translucency should be considered. Thus, within the range of HORADAM® AQUARELL you will find some specially formulated transparent colours. A high concentration of translucent colour pigments distinguish these specific colours with the result that less water can be used for thinning. Thus the brilliance and luminosity remain even if the colour is applied in very thin layers.

For more information, please download the PDF: HORADAM® water colours: glazing technique

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