Masking Fluids - ammonia-free 50300, 50303, 50730 and 50731

AQUA Masking pen and Liquid Frisket: ammonia-free masking fluids from Schmincke

Sections in watercolour paintings which should remain blank, can easily be treated with ammoniafree masking fluids like liquid frisket available in a jar or the practical Aqua masking pen.

While other comparable products today still contain ammonia (due to the use of natural latex), Schmincke eliminated this pungent ingredient (indicated by the danger symbol) already several years ago. Instead, the Schmincke masking fluids are made from synthetic – and therefore ammoniafree – raw material which has the same properties as comparable products.

For more information, please download the PDF: Masking Fluids - ammonia-free 50300, 50303, 50730 and 50731

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