Oil primer/ underpainting white 50517

NEW: Oil Primer/ Underpainting White (50517) – the perfect warm white oil colour

especially for lower layers in paintings

The brand new „oil primer/underpainting white“ (50517) from Schmincke is the ideal white for lower layers in oil paintings because of its particular drying characteristics.

It can be tinted with other oil colours as well. The essential part of its binder is a special purified, relatively quick-drying linseed oil. This effects that a thin layer of an underpainting with this oil colour also dries very fast! The consequence: the danger of crackling if being overpainted with normal white or coloured oil shades - which often has a much longer drying time than this new oil primer - is reduced to a minimum.

For more information, please download the PDF: Oil primer/ underpainting white 50517

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