Pouring Technique with Schmincke Pouring Medium (50546) and Acrylic colours

The hottest acrylic trend for spectacular results is ideal for beginners as well as for experienced acrylic painters. For this technique, acrylic colours will be mixed with the so called Pouring medium and thus enhances its flowing properties to make it suitable for this technique. Layered colours will be poured, in one or in several steps, onto the painting ground. You will achieve bizarre colour flows which hardly can be controlled. We will show you step by step how it works and what you will need.

You will need:

  • Schmincke Pouring Medium (50546) in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Liter or 2 Liter
  • Acrylic colours of your choice, 4-6 colours (e.g. AKADEMIE® Acryl color, PRIMAcryl® Fluid or AERO COLOR® Professional)
  • painting ground, e.g. streched canvas
  • Sheeting for covering your working space (!)
  • several plastic cups (or other pouring containers)
  • Spatula to stir the colours
  • one-way gloves
  • Distance pieces (e.g. pins, small wooden bricks)
  • workwear
  • maybe mechanic´s level


Chose an even workspace where the picture can remain for min. 24 hours to dry. Cover the workspace with a sheeting and fasten the distance pins. We recommend workwear. Keep in mind that the canvas is even (mechanic´s level), the colour-medium-mix remains flowing for alonger time and the colours could flow to only one side.

TIP Distance pieces:

From the beginning, the canvas should have a certain distance to the ground so that it would not stick on it due to flowing and drying colours. Pin-up-pins are perfectly suited. They can be put into the backside of the stretched canvas. As alternative, you can use small wooden bricks. It is important that the canvas remains even to avoid an uneven colour flow.

Step 1:

Fill the chosen colours and the appropriate part of pouring medium into the different plastic cups. The mixing ratio is about 3:1 medium to colour, depending on the viscosity of the colour. Think in advance about the colour proportions and mix the appropriate quantity of each colour. Stir the colour-medium-mixes with the spatula. The consistency should be of fluid honey or syrup.

TIP: When using pastose colours, you better mix first 1 part of colour with 1 part of medium to avoid clumping. Then you add the remaining part of the medium and stir again.

Step 2:

Put on the gloves. Now you layer the colours in a separate cup. Do not stir!

Step 3:

Put the canvas vice versa onto the cup, turn around both, so that the cup is headfirst on the canvas. Wait a moment to let the colours settle.


Spread an additional mixture of medium and white around the cup to enhance the colour flow.

Step 4:

Now you raise the cup carefully. The colours immediately flow in all directions and form bizarre formations. To enhance the colour flow, you now can pour another mixture of medium and white around the already flowing colours.


You can incline the canvas carefully to let the colours flow to all directions. Pay attention that the colours do not mix completely while flowing. Otherwise the bizarre forms can disapear completely.

Step 5:

Let the picture dry in a complete even position (8 – 24 hours). During the drying period, the colours will move further, so do not wonder if the painting looks differently after drying. The surface becomes satin-glossy. If you would like to have a high glossy surface, you can use a second layer of Pouring Medium or acrylic gloss lacquer (50586).


Instead of putting the cup headfirst onto the canvas, you can directly pour the colour-medium-mixture from the cup onto the canvas. A slight moving of the cup in different directions during the pouring process leads to very special colour formations.


Different results

The product:

The new Schmincke Pouring Medium (50546) is the ideal medium for the pouring technique. The fluid, clear medium has good flow properties. It dries to a transparent, non-sticking and water-resistant layer and can also be used as high glossy final lacquer for acrylic paintings. Depending on the mixing ratio it dries to a glossy or semi-mat surface, in pure application to a high glossy surface. After drying of each layer, it can be poured in several layers on nearly all free of grease surfaces. (pre-tests recommended, please protect/ cover your working place).

Pouring Medium and Acrylic colours

The Pouring medium is mixable with all Schmincke acrylic colours (PRIMAcryl®,AKADEMIE® Acryl color, College® Acryl, AERO COLOR® Professional). The individual mixing ratio with acrylic colours influences the results. The medium is ready-to-use, can be applied pure or mixed with acrylic colours.Please note: Adding of silicone can cause cracks.

Don´t use the product below temperatures under 15 °C object- and room temperatures. Please clean working tools as soon as possible with water and store the product in a cool and dry place. Contains: Polyurethane and acrylic dispersion. Availabe in 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 liter bottles.