Ready to use binders

How to produce your own artists´colours easily with Schmincke „ready-to-use“ binders

Our “ready-to-use” binders provide the ideal basis for making your own paints at home in your own studio. You can use these binders and our extremely lightfast and finest artists’ pure pigments of the 18 Series to mix in a flash: 

  • pasty oil colours (oil binder “ready-to-use” 50810)
  • satin-matt acrylic colours (acrylic binder “ready-to-use” 50840)
  • translucent water-colours (water-colour binder ”ready-to-use” 50820)
  • velvet-like gouache colours (gouache binder “ready-to-use” 50830)
  • high-definition linoprint colours (linoprint binder “ready-to-use” 50850) 

For more information, please download the PDF: Ready to use binders

ready to use bindemittel