Sweet Donuts with AKADEMIE® Acryl color Ink - by Tanja Geier

Liquid acrylic colours are currently very popular as they are suitable for painting and illustrating in acrylic as well as watercolour-like designs and letterings. The illustrator Tanja Geier shows us step by step how delicious donuts can be made - also in acrylic.

You will need:

  • AKADEMIE® Acryl color INK in titanium white (23111), ivory (23221), sand (23660), light ochre (23661), Vandyck brown (23668), primary magenta (23344) and primary cyan (23446).
  • Acrylic flat and round brushes, e.g. by da Vinci
  • Acrylic painting paper, e.g. by Hahnemühle or canvas
  • mixing pallet
  • glas with water

Step 1

First, use a pencil to pre-sketch the four donuts. You can easily construct the donuts with a few circles, which makes it easier to keep the perspective and to define the basic shape. Then it is much easier to paint the details for icing and other fine details.



Step 2

Shake the colours well before use. Fill a few drops of AKADEMIE® Acryl color Ink Titanium White and Light ochre onto your mixing pallet. Mix with a damp brush the two prepared colours to a light basic tone for the "dough surfaces" of the donuts. First you should paint one area completely with the light tone - then gradually work in the shadows with a darkened tone.



Step 3

Fill a few drops of AKADEMIE® Acryl color Ink Vandyke brown into your mixing palette. Colour the entire chocolateicing surface. Then you can paint the highlights into the still wet colour with a lighter brown tone. It is important that the dark brown tone is still wet so that the colours can be mixed beautifully on the paper. Pay attention to the correct placement of light and shadow. In the parts where the donuts overlap, there is always the darkest part.



Step 4

Clean the brush and add a few drops of AKADEMIE® Acryl color Ink primary magenta and primary cyan to your mixing palette. Continue with the icing of your choice. Start again with a light base tone. You can create this either with a colour which is diluted with water or by mixing with white. Work again layer by layer from light to dark and leave out the areas you will paint later in a different colour. The top glaze becomes a vanilla glaze and is mixed with light ochre and titanium white.



Step 5

When all coloured parts are well dried, you can concentrate on the final details. Therefore, a thinner brush is suitable. Choose three to four strong colours and paint a few sprinkles on the strawberry donut with a few loose brush strokes. Then add a trace of icing on the blueberry donut anda combination of icing and chocolate sauce on the vanilla donut. And a few more stars and beads and your sugar sweet donuts are ready.



  • 36 cadmium-free colours in a stable 50 ml pipette plastic bottle
  • Identical pigmentation, coloristic and numbering as AKADEMIE® Acryl color - ideal compatibility
  • Shake before use - easily due to a glass ball
  • Dries water-resistant
  • Application with brush, pipette, drawing pen, Liner and airbrush (sprayable from 0.3 mm nozzle)