Lightfast 18 -
HORADAM® watercolours - wonderful blue colours



Delft Blue (14482) A strong, dark blue with high tinting strength, opacity and a strong depth effect. The name is associated with the world-famous "Delft Stoneware", which has been produced in the city of Delft since the 16th century. The elegant blue tone contains PB60 indanthrone blue, a lightfast, modern, organic pigment.

Indigo (14485) A very deep, slightly reddish blue, sixth shade of rainbow and second bestselling HORADAM® watercolour shade! This blue colour, already used in Roman times and popular throughout Europe, originates from plants containing indigotine (woad, etc.). It is well suited for shading and darkening colours and is also extremely popular as a pure painting colour. The opaque colour contains the synthetic indigo pigment PB66 and phthalocyanine blue PB 15:1.

Dark blue (14498) This lightfast, slightly warmer-looking and semi-covering alternative to indigo contains the modern organic pigment PB60 indanthrone blue. 

Phthalo Sapphire Blue (14477) This single pigment tone is the warmest of the phthalocyanine colours. The semi-transparent colour is highly lightfast and contains the pigment PB15:6 phthalocyanine.

Cobalt blue deep (14488) This is a highly lightfast, dark, slightly reddish blue with a granulating character that resembles the smalt blue of the late Middle Ages. It is often used to paint skies and horizons. The highly lightfast, semi-transparent single pigment colour contains the genuine cobalt pigment PB74 cobalt-zinc-silica spinel.


French ultramarine (14493) A reddish and strongly granulating ultramarine with a translucent character. The highly lightfast colour, which complements the ultramarine series in a useful way, contains the pigment PB 29 ultramarine blue.

Ultramarine finest (14494) The bestseller no. 3 among the HORADAM® watercolours - the synthetic, highly lightfast alternative to a classic ultramarine, which was once extracted from the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli. The single-pigment colour has a semi-transparent character and contains the pigment PB29 ultramarine blue.

Ultramarine blue (14496) This strong, rich blue is produced by mixing the pigments PB15 phthalocyanine blue and PB29 ultramarine blue. It is highly lightfast and semi-transparent.

Cobalt blue light (14487) The clear, pure blue made of genuine cobalt pigment is particularly suitable for clear sky tones in landscape painting.  It is highly lightfast, semi-transparent and contains the pigment PB28 cobalt-aluminium oxide.

Cobalt blue hue (14486) Optically slightly darker than cobalt blue light, this metal-free alternative is highly lightfast and has a semi-transparent character. Contains PW4 zinc oxide and PB29 ultramarine blue.


Mountain blue (14480) A traditional colour for watercolour painting. The pigment mixture with zinc sulphide produces a highly lightfast light blue with a semi-transparent character. Contains PW5, PB29 and PG7.

Cobalt Azure (14483) Delicate, strongly granulating, greenish light blue, ideal sky blue for landscape painting. The semi-transparent and highly lightfast colour contains the genuine cobalt pigment PB35 cobalt tinn spinel.

Prussian Blue (14492) A traditional, semi-covering blue colour with high lightfastness, whose name derives from the shade of Prussian uniforms. The single pigment colour contains PB27 iron cyan blue.

Paris Blue (14491) A traditional dark blue with high tinting power and high lightfastness, slightly more greenish than Prussian blue. The semi-covering colour contains a pigment mixture of PB15, PB15:1 and PB27.

Phthaloblue (14484) This traditional dark blue is slightly greenish and has a high tinting power. In mixtures with yellow, it is perfect for mixing particularly bright green tones. The semi-transparent single pigment colour contains PB15:1 phthalocyanine blue.

Cerulean blue (14481) A cobalt-free cerulean blue, close to the primary shade C within the theory of colours. The semi-transparent colour gets its colour character by the pigments PW4 zinc oxide and PB15:3 phthalocyanine blue.

Helio cerulean (14479) Cerulean blue based on phthalocyanine is similar to cerulean blue tone. It is regarded as the base colour for mixtures and is also colouristically close to the cyan color C. The semi-transparent and highly lightfast one-pigment colour contains the pigment PB15:3 phthalocyanine blue.

Cobalt cerulean (14499) This semi-covering cobalt blue colour has a granulating, greenish character. It is highly lightfast and contains the genuine cobalt pigment PB36 cobalt pigment combination.

Helio turquoise (14475) A greenish blue with a semi-transparent character, consisting of the metal-free pigment PB16 phthalocyanine blue.

Cobalt turquoise (14509) Although this extremely popular shade is numerically assigned to the green series, its turquoise brilliance is so reminiscent of southern seas that it should not be missing here. The intense, semi-covering colour has a granulating character, is highly lightfast and contains the cobalt-lithium-titanium-zinc oxide pigment PG50.


If you are looking for the blue hour, the time after sunset and before nightfall, when the sky takes on a special colour, we recommend the Schmincke HORADAM® watercolour blues. Many natural spectacles can be beautifully painted with the blue tones described, but also with the other colours of the 140 HORADAM® AQUARELL range from Schmincke.