Lightfast 20 - 
Schmincke AQUA DROP: 24 finest, liquid watercolours



The well-balanced palette of 24 colours (13 single pigment colours) has one price group for all colours. They come in a practical 30 ml plastic pipette bottle with a ball to easily shake up the colour. The assortment contains some colors with melodious names such as jade green, amethyst violet or amber. In addition, the Opaque White medium can be used pure as opaque white or mixed with AQUA DROP as a brightener with a brush or dip pen. The AQUA DROP LINER with brush tip for filling is ideal for various painting and writing techniques (for all AQUA DROP colours except Opaque White or mixed with Opaque White). Shake AQUA DROP before use!


We also offer two cardboard sets:

Set 1 (78005) contains four colours as well as the Opaque White.

Set 2 (78105) contains five colours as well as one Liner. 



Would you like to see the new AQUA DROP in action? Click here for the clip: