Lightfast 21 - 



    AQUA DROP Liner Filling

  1. Turn off the black locking part.
  2.   Leave the felt insert in the liner and fill it with the pipette drop by drop (approx. 20-30 drops for first filling).

  3. Assemble and wait a little until the brush tip fills completely with colour by itself (do not pump!).
  4. The AQUA DROP Liner is ready for use. If the paint application is dwindling, simply refill (see above).




Note on paper/substrate:

Numerous artists have already tested the AQUA DROP and the LINERS and made their comments. Please note the following when choosing paper: Aqua Drop is a watercolour and therefore suitable for all watercolour papers and pre-primed canvas. For an even application with the LINER we recommend smooth, hot-pressed papers. Basically applies: the purer the colours are applied and the more absorbent the substrate is, the stronger the pigments are anchored in the substrate. We recommend individual pre-tests.

Would you like to see how the AQUA DROP LIner is filled and used? Click here for the clip!