Lightfast 24 - How to fix a pastel painting correctly?

Schmincke Pastels



Which fixatives are suitable?

We recommend special pastel fixatives or alternatively a Schmincke Universal Fixative. All are high-quality alcohol-based spray fixatives with a particularly high fixing effect, archival, workable, non-yellowing, age-resistant and quick-drying.

The Schmincke pastel fixative AEROSPRAY (50402) contains 300 ml and is especially adjusted for fixing pastel colours and chalks. This also applies to the pastel fixative AEROPUMP (50368) in 350 ml. The Universal Fixative (50401) is available in 150 ml and 400 ml and is suitable for fixing pastels, watercolours and charcoal.

How to fix a pastel painting correctly?

  • The fixatives are ready to use but must be shaken briefly.
  • For fixing, the painting should be positioned vertical or slightly inclined.
  •  And since fixatives contain solvents - make sure the room is well ventilated.
  •  Spray the fixative in a thin layer at a distance of approx. 30 - 40 cm. It is important that you change the spraying direction outside the picture. This way the application becomes even. If necessary, repeat the fixing process a second time.

Tip: If a spray head should be stuck, simply clean it with acetone.

Furthermore, you should know the following: When fixing pastels, there is always a certain, unavoidable deepening of colour. We advise you to try this out on a piece of paper before fixing a painting.

If you have fixed your work of art painted with Schmincke pastels properly with a high quality Schmincke fixative, you can be sure that you have done the best to protect and preserve the longevity of the painting. 

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