Lightfast 28 - 140 years MUSSINI® finest artists' resin-oil colours




A unique combination of painting oils and natural resin 

Based on many decades of scientific experience, Schmincke combines a variety of painting oils such as linseed, safflower, and walnut oil with dissolved dammar natural resin. The amount of dissolved dammar resin to be added depends on the oil requirements of the respective pigment, so that each of the 108 colours has an individually balanced recipe.

Perfect mixability with all oil colors

Due to the well-balanced recipe based on selected painting oils, MUSSINI® is not a closed system despite the resin content - on the contrary: All colours can be mixed and combined excellently and without any additional painting mediums even with "normal" oil colours! This makes it easy for oil painters: existing oil colours can be combined with MUSSINI® colours and therefore the own palette can be upgraded. The selection of precious glazing colours as well as unique colours such as Caesar purple, Atrament or Byzantine blue will make expert painters rave. 

Precious glazing colours

With the finest processing of precious glazing pigments, Schmincke creates a comprehensive range of transparent colours for the special glazing technique. The 44 glazing colours, including famous colours such as Florentine red or Transparent oriental blue, are characterized by the highest brilliance and luminosity as well as a very special and unique depth light-effect.

Harmonious drying 

The unique formulation of MUSSINI® results in a special harmonious drying behaviour:  The drying process, which initially takes place on the surface by oxygen absorption of the chemically drying oils, leads to an increase in volume. This is largely compensated by the solvent content of the dammar resin solution evaporating from the inside. This in turn allows oxygen to penetrate more easily into the deep layers of the colours and results in a tension-free, more harmonious deep and surface drying. 



Individual drying times 

The time required for a painting layer to dry is as individual as the colours in the MUSSINI® series. As the drying time depends essentially on four factors, the oils and pigments, each according to type and quantity, as well as the thickness of the paint layer and the temperature during drying, a "drying time scale (DTS)" with three drying categories was defined. Each colour in the MUSSINI® range is assigned to one of the three categories, which makes it easier for oil painters to better estimate the respective drying times of the colour and thus to harmonise the painting flow even better.

Quality since 1881

With the multitude of colouristic treasures, the well-balanced drying properties, a guarantee for long-lasting colour layers and the pleasant, modest soft resinous odor, MUSSINI® offers artists worldwide unique and finest resin-oil colours of the highest quality!