The new Schmincke Pouring medium (50546) is the ideal medium for this technique.

The fluid, highly glossy, clear medium has good flow properties. It dries to a transparent, non-sticking and water-resistant layer and can also be used as final lacquer for acrylic paintings. After drying of each layer, it can be poured in several layers on nearly all grease-free surfaces. (pre-tests recommended, please protect your working place).

Lightfast 3- Pouring Medium


Pouring medium and acrylic colours

The Pouring medium is mixable with all Schmincke acrylic colours (PRIMAcryl® , AKADEMIE® Acryl color, College® Acryl, AERO COLOR® Professional). The individual mixing ratio with acrylic colours influences the particular results. The medium is ready-to-use, can be applied pure or mixed with acrylic colours. Don´t use the product below temperatures under 15 °C object- and room-temperatures. Please clean working tools as soon as possible with water and store in a cool and dry place. Contains: Polyurethane and acrylic. Available in 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 l bottles.