Lightfast 31 - AEROSPRAY B72 (50404) - the multifunctional fixative from Schmincke



Schmincke's AEROSPRAY B72 is a universal fixative in a spray can that can be used as a fixative for a wide variety of painting techniques (pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolour, ink, tempera, linoprint, acrylic and oil paints) as well as for photographs and prints. It is also suitable for protecting gold leaf and surfaces of other metal foils. It has a strengthening and protective effect and is suitable as a primer, intermediate and final varnish. Among restorers, Paraloid® B72 is already very well known as an acrylic resin and has been tested extensively. Due to its properties, it is also very popular for use in restoration.

AEROSPRAY B72 is highly lightfast, archival, and non-yellowing. Depending on the substrate, it results in an invisible fixation (on absorbent substrates) or a silky matt to slightly glossy film (on non-absorbent substrates). 

Application:  AEROSPRAY B72 is sprayed sparingly and several times - with good ventilation and at room temperature - at a distance of approx. 30 cm in a cross pattern onto the object standing vertically or slightly inclined. It is essential to change the direction of spraying away from the object! Spray mist should not be inhaled. Shake spray can thoroughly before use.

Good to know: The fixing of painting materials with low binder content can lead to a significant deepening of the colour tone. The work may lose its "lightness" if too much fixative is used. The product can also make painting surfaces such as paper more transparent. Individual pre-tests are therefore always recommended.